Our History


Enrico Tagliabue founded DTR, which, following the script, had its first headquarters in his father Giuseppe’s garage.


DTR started working in the field of current test machines with a thermal test bench for switches.


First test benches for differential and magnetic switch testing.


First bench for testing electronic devices.


DTR moved to its current headquarters.


Implementation of the first system with SCADA for communication between a production line and a database (future Industry 4.0).


Provided the first laboratory instrumentation using LabVIEW.


First test bench with a CRIO National Instruments application using FPGA for sub-millisecond event management.


First test bench for electric battery systems with charge cycle management.


First test bench for electronic devices using LIN BUS managed by Crio National Instruments.

Industrial automation

DTR Solutions offers industrial automation solutions characterized by innovative approaches in design and customization tailored to specific customer needs. Over 40 years, DTR has developed complex and advanced systems for industrial production and automatic quality control.
Software expertise meets the requirements related to development, commissioning, maintenance, and system integration, offering solutions that go beyond the classical approach, ensuring flexible technical support.

TIA Portal Siemens and Unitronics are two of the platforms used, with the former being one of the most widely used solutions in the market. TIA Portal allows designing and implementing sophisticated control systems and user interfaces, with HMI on panels or PCs. The Unitronics system is suitable for cases requiring web connection via Unicloud, creating complete, integrated, and secure automation solutions by optimizing communication between PLCHMIPC.

Crio, FPGA, LabVIEW and TestStand National Instruments

Labiew and teststand solutions

In an increasingly complex business environment, solving challenging problems is the key to excellence. In this context, DTR stands out in finding customized solutions through the use of cutting-edge technologies, including National Instruments’ CRIO, FPGA, LabVIEW, and TestStand.

Crio National Instruments

CRIO National Instruments is at the center of our solutions, enabling a flexible and modular approach to the specific needs of each project.


TestStand completes our technological arsenal, providing a test management platform that optimizes process automation and ensures ease of maintenance of the test software.

Complex project solutions

The use of FPGA adds speed and versatility, allowing the handling of projects with custom requirements with standard products.


LabVIEW is a flexible development platform, offering an environment to integrate a graphical interface with DAQ hardware and CRIO. At DTR, we have expertise in integrating this environment with Siemens, adapting to specific needs in the field of automation and testing.

For years, we have collaborated with companies in various sectors, contributing to the success of their complex projects. If you are looking for reliable partners to solve complex problems, DTR Solutions is the right choice. With our experience and advanced technologies, we transform challenges into opportunities and drive innovation in every project.

Test benches for laboratories

Voltage and current testing

With our forty years of experience in creating current and voltage test benches, we can contribute to the development of complex automated control systems, providing design and development where specific expertise is required.
In constantly evolving research and development laboratories, advanced and reliable tools are increasingly crucial. In this context, DTR Solutions can assist the client from defining technical specifications to the realization of the test bench, offering cutting-edge solutions and accumulated experience.
We thoroughly analyze customer needs to create intuitive interfaces and customized control functionalities. We develop the interface in collaboration with the client to simplify learning and usage, contributing to greater operational efficiency.

Future-ready solutions

Industry 4.0 integration

DTR Solutions is the ideal partner to implement cutting-edge projects at the heart of the Industry 4.0 revolution, where communication between workbenches, PLCs, and databases forms the core of the system. Our philosophy is based on the customization of solutions.
We have experience in direct communication with business databases such as SQL Server and Oracle and, in communication with PLCs. We can monitor and control industrial processes in real-time, ensuring complete visibility of operations and immediate responses from databases. We collect and analyze data for statistical evaluations of results emerging during tests.

We are ready to be your trusted partner in facing digital transformation. Discover how DTR Solutions can accompany you by offering intelligent and tailor-made solutions for Industry 4.0.

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